Canadian artist Victoria Banks (who wrote "City of Dreams,") and over  30 other US and Canadian performers, including Buddy Jewell, Lisa Brokop, Michelle Wright, The Wilsons, and Pam Tillis recorded this to bring much-needed aid for the victims of May 2010's catastrophic flooding in Middle Tennessee. Victoria wrote "City of Dreams" as a tribute to the crippled city that has allowed her and so many others to live their dreams.
City of Dreams." Artists for Tennessee Flood Reiief
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Born to a working-class family in Arkansas, Jewell has been singing for his supper since the age of 21, from Texas to Tennessee. He has also been a nightclub bouncer, worked as a door-to-door salesman, driven a beer truck, and labored on a loading dock. In addition to being a husband and a father.

Both of his parents were musical, and there were stacks of classic country records around the house. His Uncle Clyde taught Jewell to play guitar around age 15.

Encouraged by a church friend and his wife, Tené, Buddy entered the USA Network's contest Nashville Star in 2003. More than 8,000 performers tried out for the show; 125 of them made it to the semi-finals; 12 were chosen for the nine-week series. The national television audience reacted powerfully to Jewell's heart-in-throat vocal performances and voted him the champion. Columbia Records rushed him into the studio with producer
Clint Black, and within weeks Buddy Jewell delivered his
superb debut CD.

(Buddy remembers)
"I had a little website. The first night I sang 'Help Pour Out the Rain' on the show, it had so many responses that it crashed the website and cost me $600. I didn't have a clue that the song would have that kind of impact. Tené and I started printing out emails off the site. A lot of them were from parents whose children had died. I got hundreds of letters. We collected the print-outs and letters and put them in a binder. Not for public consumption. Just for ourselves. I'm honored that I had a hand
in creating something that means so much to people. But it
was bittersweet. You wish that it was for a happier reason."

"A week after I won on the show, I was getting offers to do concerts. I had to make decisions quickly. I had to make the record, choose a manager, find a booking agent, get an accountant, put together a band and hire a road manager. When you utter those words, 'I want a record deal,' you never realize what you're asking for."

Buddy Jewell's work on behalf of charitable causes is legendary in Nashville, across the country and includes other parts of the world too! He has been the spokesperson for the Minnie Pearl Cancer Foundation, participates in the Angel Tree fund drive,  volunteers for Compassion International and is active in a number of other causes locally, nationally and internationally. His efforts on behalf of St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital includes the creation of a yearly calendar. Every cent raised  through sales (including the cost of producing it is donated directly to St. Jude's.Hospital. 

Buddy Jewell was the recipient of ABC Radio Network's  Listener Choice Award for "New Artist of the Year,"and Music Row Magazine's "Critic's Pick Award.". He was also nominated by the ACM (The Academy of Country Music) for "Best New Artist," nominated for a Grammy for his work with a gospel album called "Amazing Grace 111." and been nominated twice by the CMA (Country Music Association.) and  was honored by the National Fatherhood Initiative as a recipient of their annual Fatherhood Award - an honor given to individuals who exemplify the ideals of involved, responsible and committed fatherhood.

I see this as an opportunity to make a difference in people's lives. And maybe that is really what my purpose as an artist
is. If they want me, I'll do my best to be there to hopefully make a difference, especially if kids are involved."

(Buddy remembers)
"I'm the same guy I've always been. Same house. Same car. But the car is paid off now, and hopefully in another year the house will be, too. We're doing little things, fixing it up one room at a time. Only one thing has changed: I'm having the time of
my life."
"Unaswered Prayers,"
Recorded live for
CMT Television
in 2008..

Patty Loveless and Buddy Jewell lent their consderable vocal talents to the task of explaining
to kids why reading is such a valuable skill. "Reason to Read"
is one of the most popular music videos ever to appear on PBS's award- winning literacy education series, "Between the Lions." Words and music by Sarah Durkee and Paul Jacobs.

In October of 2015 Buddy was enshrined into the Arkansas Entertainers Hall of Fame.